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The Sim Inspired Films Story

I realized my passion for videography and video editing at 13 years old. After begging my parents for a D5100 Nikon camera in 2012, I started freelancing at family events as a videographer at the age of 15. Within 8 years, I produced YouTube series', released a documentary/short film, collaborated with other New York filmmakers, and began to make a name for myself as a freelance filmmaker. 


My true passion has always been in the editing room (which I refer to as "The Lab"), so meeting and marrying Olamide who is skilled at cinematography was truly a match made in heaven. Olamide became my business partner in 2020 and his unique skillsets have accelerated the growth and capacity of Sim Inspired Films. 

We are videographers and video editors skilled at bringing your stories to life. We don't just film or edit. We are gifted at storytelling.

Simbi Akanni-Okelowo
Founder, Sim Inspired Films


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